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so i should be worried.   great......

to be honest, i did not find the umlaut on my keyboard BUT i was smart enough to cut and paste one in from somewhere else.  i still get points for that.
so, you like divo von helfenwaffel?  better than vondorido?  doesn't have quite the same ring to it, but if it makes you happy (or less whiny), then it's set. 
it's only bionic is sections.  i remember dune from college with all the glowing-eyed people (on campus and in the movie).  i do remember the big, gross, fat guy.  it was more than just the lesions that made him nasty.  was he cannabalistic?  i can't remember.
i saw a lot of great movies in college.  we had a place to check out stuff for free on campus.  i found all kinds of foreign stuff and alice's restaurant.  i'm not sure where we found frank zappa's baby snakes, but somehow we did.
i've got to get a netflix membership. 

netlivers.com?  that just screams online butcher shop.  all the chicken livers that you can eat shipped direct from the processing plant (shudder).
yes, you're a people person.  a people person registered with some random urls. 
what's happening with snotrocket.com?  there's just so much that you could do with that.  it could be a greeting card company and the subject line on your email could say something like "snotty greetings" or "you've been blown" and you could take the hot pocket jingle and change it to snot rocket.  what potential...
nope, i can't speak german.  i'm trying to pick up the spanish again.  en una vida pasada, podria hablar espanol bien.  mas o menos.  i could pick up the gist of what you were saying by reading, but i had to go to babelfish to make sure that i was correct.
yes, clean your filter.  you won't have to dust as much if you do. 
mmmm.  nachos.....